Dr. Werner Nohl · landscape architect · honorary professor (Technical University of Munich)

The river Isar - Munich´s  outstanding  place  for aesthetical and recreational  experiences

Report to the water authorities of the State of Bavaria and of the city of Munich. Kirchheim

Werner Nohl 

Recently, the river Isar in and in the surroundings of Munich has become subject of basic planning concepts and measures. These activities are aimed at having more water in the river bed (instead in the side canal, to generate electricity), improving the high water protection, getting a better water quality, improving the river ecological conditions, as well as heightening the aesthetical and recreational attractiveness of the river. The carrying out of the whole project will cost some 25 Mio. EUR. 


This report deals with landscape aesthetics and recreation in the Isar river valley as a basis for determining the appropriate water flow in the river as well as the necessary landscape quality for leisure time. Therefore the landscape aesthetical and recreational situation at the river Isar is investigated under various conditions of water flow, using environmental psychological and social-empirical methods. Based on the results of this research a long catalogue of proposals for aesthetical and recreational improvements of the river landscape has been developed.

As the report is written in German, please, refer to the German language site (use link below).


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