Dr. Werner Nohl · landscape architect · honorary professor (Technical University of Munich)

The impact of the planned construction of a double tracked streetcar through the English garden in Munich in its function as a historic garden monument, as an inner-urban open space, and as a landscape scenery.


Consulting Project for the government of Upper Bavaria

October 2000

Werner Nohl


In the next decades the future of the city of Munich (and its surroundings) will be characterized by strong settlement expansion and high settlement density. If that is not to reduce the life quality of the city dwellers, a qualified supply with open spaces and green structures will be necessary, in order to mitigate the social and building packing, to be expected. In this developmental context it is needed to discuss the intention of the city’s department of municipal services, to build a double tracked streetcar line (on the existing bus street) through the southern part of the famous English garden, and thus to hamper considerably the daily use and the aesthetic experience in this part of the inner-urban park. In order to be able to weigh the different open interests in a substantial way, the author of this expertise was asked by the government of Upper Bavaria to describe and evaluate as an independent expert the effects of the planned project on the English Garden in its function as a garden monument, as an inner-urban recreation space and as a landscape scenery.         


The results of this expertise paper show that the planned streetcar line through the park would curtail the historic, recreational, and aesthetic interests of the public in a heavy and lasting way. Because of these specialized arguments the government was given the recommendation, to reject the project as a whole.

As the report is written in German, please, refer to the German language site (use link below).

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