Dr. Werner Nohl · landscape architect · honorary professor (Technical University of Munich)

The puzzle of open spaces - Types and systems of open spaces in cities

With the urbanization of industrial society, nature has become a scarce commodity. The preasure on the remaining open spaces in cities is immense and will increase considerably with growing densification and necessity of climatic reorientation. Constituent for future open space planning as service of general interest will therefore not only be the boundary conditions of limited and burdened nature but also the self-determined use of open space, and in particular the preservation and construction of open space types and open space systems as the life-promoting places of appropriation for the urban population.

This audio was created as teaching material in 2021 at the Institute for Open Space Development (Prof. Oppermann) at Leibnitz University Hannover, Germany, and is based on an interview Barb Mehrens conducted with Werner Nohl in 2015. The basic contents were already developed by Werner Nohl in the 70s of the last century and are published in the book: Werner Nohl, Städtischer Freiraum und Reproduktion der Arbeitskraft, vol. 2 of the series "Studien" of the IMU Institute for Media Research and Urbanistics, Munich 1983.

To listen to the audio go to the German version "Das Puzzle der Freiräume: Freiraumtypen und Freiraumsysteme in der Stadt (Audio 2021)"

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