Dr. Werner Nohl · landscape architect · honorary professor (Technical University of Munich)

The Aesthetic Impact of the Planned Wind Farm near Ochsenfurt-Erlach on the Landscape in the Southern Main Triangle

Meanwhile, in Germany even unique cultural landscapes are not beyond the danger to get victimized by the ubiquitous wind-mania, as can be studied in the outstanding and age-old cultural landscape of the Main Triangle. There the City of Ochsenfurt got the permit, to erect in the local subdistrict of Erlach four windturbines, 150 m and 180 m resp. in hight.


Concerned about the local landscape many agents of public interests pointed to the danger of ruination of the exceptional landscape scenery of the Main valley, already in the beginning of the planning phase, for the landscape in this region is an essential base of the vitally important tourism.


By then many citizens set up the “Assembly for the Protection of the Cultural Landscape of Mainfranken”, to preserve their home landscape, in which medieval towns and villages are put next to each other along the river Main like in a bead chain. Also a couple of local pensive politicians cooperated with them. They together grasped the initiative and ordered the hereafter expert report (issued 2008). It has the purpose to find out, whether and to what extend the landscape scenery in the Southern Main Triangle and its beauty is substantially and sustainably impacted by the planned wind turbines.

As the report is written in German, please, refer to the German language site (use link below).

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