Dr. Werner Nohl · landscape architect · honorary professor (Technical University of Munich)

Development of a procedure to differentiate scenic sites in the landcape and to determine accompanying scenic values

Final report to the Ministry for environment, Nature Protection, Agriculture, and Consumer Protection of the State of NRW in Germany (part 2). Kirchheim

Werner Nohl

Here you find a comprehensive approach to identify and describe scenic sites and to determine accompanying scenic values. The basic idea of this procedure is to deliver regional typologies of scenic sites and accompanying scenic values for the whole State of NRW. Moreover, a method is developed to replenish these regional scenic sites with the local data (of aesthetically effective landscape elements), in order to be able to describe and evaluate larger scenic areas, rapidly.

The most important steps of the procedure:
  • Outline all sites in the planning area which are not considered to be part of the investigation (residential areas, industrial areas, military areas)
  • Subdivide the remaining areas into the categories “open land”, “forest”, “standing water”, “running water” and “traffic site” (minimal size: 3-5 ha; smaller areas should be considered as landscape elements)
  • Delineate scenic sites of homogeneous aesthetical appearance within each category (sites of homogeneous appearance) by applying an given regional list of typical scenic sites
  • Assign basic landscape aesthetic values to the various scenic sites (values on a 10 point scale are given in the regional lists)
  • Record all aesthetically effective landscape elements (positively and negatively effective elements) for each delineated scenic site in the planning area (even if they are situated outside the scenic site but effect it aesthetically)
  • Allow bonus or malus values (correctional values) to the established basic values for the aesthetical effects of the recorded landscape elements, in order to describe the concrete (true) value of a scenic site
  • Build up a land register by documenting for each scenic site a short (physical) description and the accompanying basic landscape aesthetic value, the aesthetically effective landscape elements and their accompanying bonus/malus values, as well as the true aesthetic value

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