Dr. Werner Nohl · landscape architect · honorary professor (Technical University of Munich)

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Dr. Werner Nohl, born 1938, free-lancing landscape architect (retirement 2020), honorary professor (Technical University of Munich), publicly appointed expert on landscape aesthetics and outdoor recreation.

Illustration: Till Lassmann, Hamburg, 2015

Professional education in landscape architecture and city planning at the Technical University of Berlin (diploma) and at the University of California, Berkeley, USA. Doctorate (with distinction; title of dissertation: "Open space planning and emancipation") at the University of Hannover.

After academic training lecturing and research work at the University of Hannover/Germany and at the Technical University of Munich/Germany.

1983 - 2020 owner of the "Werkstatt für Landschafts- und Freiraumentwicklung" (office for landscape and open space development) in Kirchheim nr. Munich/Germany. Scope of work: planning, research, consulting, and expertise activities. Far-flung experiences in interdisciplinary cooperation.

In 1994 appointment as Honorary Professor at the Technical University of Munich, Faculty of Agriculture, later on School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan. Emphasis: Social aspects in urban open space planning and landscape planning. Termination of lecturing in 2006.

1981 - 2008 member of the Institute of Media Research and Urbanistics (IMU) in Munich, serving as founding and board member, later on as member of the advisory board)

In 1999 Research Fellow at the National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan Environment Agency, Tsukuba, Japan.

2006/2007 Research year at the School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, University of Adelaide in Adelaide, Australia

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Licensed landscape architect (Bavarian Chamber of Architecture), retired since 2020

Sworn and publicly appointed expert on landscape aesthetics and outdoor recreation by the Government of Upper Bavaria (Supervisory Authority: Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria)

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