Dr. Werner Nohl · landscape architect · honorary professor (Technical University of Munich)

New Physics-Campus in Munich - Aesthetical Impact on the English Garden?

Report to the lawyers’ office Schönefelder Ziegler Lehners in Munich


Werner Nohl



Building in the city is the art to combine new and old in a way that the new will come into being, the old will stay unharmed, and both will finally shape the spirit of the place. -  The Bavarian State Ministry of Science, Research, and Art has decided, to erect a new Campus of Physics at the western border of the English Garden in Munich. The site is presently used by the Veterinary Faculty of the Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich and shall be developed as a place to represent science and culture in Munich. Since the elongated building ground leans against the internationally well known English Garden, a protected historic monument of high quality, the question arises whether and to what extend the garden as art object and resort will be injured by the new campus. This expert report shows, where and by what the English Garden is especially endangered. Moreover, it proposes solutions and measures, by which the negative inferences may be avoided and minimized respectively, to the benefit of both.

As the report ist written in German, please, refer to the German language site (use link below)

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