Dr. Werner Nohl · landscape architect · honorary professor (Technical University of Munich)

Landscape aesthetic and recreational impact of the planned windfarm Schmarloh/Südheide

(Landschaftsästhetische und rekreative Auswirkungen des geplanten Windparks im Schmarloh/Südheide)

Werner Nohl

Report to the Citizens´Group: "Schmarloh without wind industry"

To what big and unrevisable landscape aesthetic deletions the erection of offshore windfarms can lead, had already been discussed before the so called “Energiewende” (energy change). In 2004, when the following expert report had been written, the cornerstones of landscape politics, which originally was called upon to fight against the continuous loss of landscape, were already thoughtlessly given up so far as offshore wind energy projects were concerned. The protection of the outer (rural) zones of our communities against detremental building projects and the preservation of bigger uncut landscape areas in Germany were treated by national and federal energy politics - conceptless and reactive in the question of future energy provision from the very beginning  - as principles to be neglected consequently in the case of the expansion of the wind energy.



Main points of the report

  • Occasion and procedure of the report
  • Determination of the aesthetically effectve investigation area of the windfarm
  • Description of the aesthetically relevant features of the windfarm
  • Description of the aesthetically relevant landscape componants in the investigation area
  • Aesthetic evaluation of the landscape in the investigation area observing the criteria landscape character, complexity, naturalness, structure, farsightedness
  • Recreation and tourism in the investigation area
  • Determination of the landscape aesthetic and recreational impact of the planned windfarm
  • Conclusions from the points of landscape aesthetics and recreation 

As the report ist written in German, please, refer to the German language site (use link below)

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